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Biology final

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Common Neurotransmitters

The entirety of this information is from wikipedia’s take on neurotransmitters.  See link at the bottom. Glutamate is used at the great majority of fast excitatory synapses in the brain … Continue reading

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Student Survey

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Evolution project

Well, here’s the basics.  Find an interesting way to tell the evolutionary story of your clade. As far as product, you may use any means you desire-powerpoint, prezi, glogster, written … Continue reading

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Evolution Project

Here’s a full description of the project:  

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Approximate ACT Conversion Chart

Here’s the link to the conversion chart for the ACT.  Remember, this is for an old, different test and is only an approximate way to convert. http://www.olchs.org/assets/documents/RAW%20SCORE%20SCALE%20ACT1.pdf

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Templates for Genetic Disease Report

Here’s a template for the dodecahedron project in Microsoft Word. Here’s one saved as a pdf.

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Study materials for the DNA test

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yncmnsccwgnjw3w/DNA%20Study%20Guide%20completed.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0um8u788sn001n/DNA%20Test%20prep%20COMPELTED.pdf

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Lecture from Wednesday

Here’s a link to the Cell Division lecture

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Grading Rubric

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How to send me files

Go to this link Use the password "woodward" and find the file you want to send. Easy as pie.

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