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Words for the assignment

You’re creating some digital artwork that helps teach or learn these words.  You are teaching (and must learn) what the words mean, but also how they are connected to each other.

At a minimum, you would need a picture and explanation of how the words are connected.  Definitions may help, but they may confuse things.   Don’t forget that what this looks like matters.  Creative and visual works should make learning the words easier.

Word groups you can choose.

  1. Protein, carbohydrate, fatty acid, nucleotide
  2. Protein, amino acid, enzyme, catalyst
  3. Carbohydrate, sugar, starch
  4. Hydrophilic, hydrophobic, phospholipid bilayer
  5. Nucleic acid, nucleotide, nitrogen base, phosphate, sugar
  6. monosaccharides, polysaccharides, starch, sugar
  7. lipids, fatty acid, saturated, unsaturated
  8. Covalent bond, ionic bond, hydrogen bond, cohesion, adhesion

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