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Links for today’s activities.

Lots of copier issues in the school, so we’re going digital today. For Honors Biology, here’s the link you need. For 2nd and 4th period Biology, here’s what you need. … Continue reading

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Link for today, Jan 12th


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Want to learn a little about Mister Woodward?

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Here’s the quiz for Wednesday. Use other students’ work or the book to answer the questions and learn the material.

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Submitting work digitally

How do you turn in digital work?  There are lots of ways, an endless number of ways, really.  I’ll give you two. 1.  Email me at joshua.woodward@madison.kyschools.us 2.  Upload a … Continue reading

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Words for the assignment

You’re creating some digital artwork that helps teach or learn these words.  You are teaching (and must learn) what the words mean, but also how they are connected to each … Continue reading

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Monday, September 9th

Send an email to joshua.woodward@madison.kyschools.us from your school account. Sign up for a free dropbox account by clicking this link and using that school email address Here’s the real assignment. … Continue reading

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Getting to your email

Here’s how you get into your school email. go to https://login.microsoftonline.com log in with your user name as first.last@stu.madison.kyschools.us Your password is the same as your username with an additional two … Continue reading

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Properties of water

Here’s the lecture with the awesome pictures of water and the explanation of cohesion, adhesion, capillary action and the like.

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Study Guide

Click here to get the study guide for this unit.

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How to send me files

Go to this link Use the password "woodward" and find the file you want to send. Easy as pie.